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Streamline your workload and boost your brand with our efficient one-stop marketing services.

Digital Presence

Enhance your digital presence with our expert one-stop solutions.

Lead Generation

Expert lead generation services to help you grow your business and reach your target audience.

Video Marketing

Boost your brand’s online presence and engagement with our top-quality video marketing services.

Website Development

Professional website development services for a stunning online presence.

UI/UX Design

Creating intuitive and engaging interfaces to enhance user experience.

Technology Solutions

Implement tech solutions to improve efficiency, streamline operations, & enhance customer experience.

Training Programs

Transform your skills and advance your career with our comprehensive training programs.

Meet Prakhar Tyagi

A man that understands audience, creates compelling content, and uses data to continually refine their strategy

consultant with a passion for helping businesses grow. With my expertise in digital marketing and data analysis, I can develop effective strategies to improve your online presence and drive revenue.

Prakhar Tyagi

Business-Centric Marketing Professional with 15 Yrs of Experience



One of the most important characteristics of nations progress is their youth, which leads to change and works to develop society. Prakhar only looks at what’s new in the world to apply in his home country. Youth vision is the engine of startup companies.

Eman Rafat

CEO and Founder at Delta Assist

Prakhar possesses the right skill set needed to execute any digital marketing strategy. His experience and talent are well reflected in his work. I recommend him not only as a Highly Skilled Digital Marketer. He never looses hope which is inspiring.

Yogesh Jain


Prakhar’s rich experience in digital and content marketing is impeccable. His thought through approach makes him an exceptional marketer in varied domains like IT, e-commerce, education, and manufacturing.

Jagriti Gupta

Digital StoryTeller

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